AN OLD FASHIONED RADIO CHRISTMAS was entirely performed by the Hudson Valley Conservatory’s Musical Theatre Company and Junior Company. All the songs and all dialogue. This program was origionally broadcast on Energy 103 on Christmas Eve 2020.

This is a group of advanced Musical Theatre students ranging in ages 9-17. They began by studying the radio drama genre and how it was a special and magical form of entertainment for a whole population. This musical play is in the retro setting and reflects some of the historical characteristics of the golden age radio plays, including live audience and radio commercials of the time. The play was written by W. Wiby and directed by Denise Summerford. It was recorded at Black Sheep Recording Studios in Gardiner, NY and mixed by Jeffrey Frey. We hope you enjoy and thank you for listening.

CAST (in order of appearance)

Ben Carter - Herbert, the Weatherman/Scrooge,vocals
Elisabeth Muller - Betty, the Program Director/Fred,vocals
Lauren Tuck - Libby, the Co-Host,vocals - Lauren Tuck
Grace Salsbury - Ms. Zimmerman/Boy/Bob Cratchit/vocals/Toyland Soloist
Addianna Summerford - Foley Artist/Narrator 3,vocals
Maeve Harkin - Talent Manager/Servant Girl,vocals
Abby Salazar - Narrator 1,vocals
Ava McCoy - Narrator 2,vocals

Marshmallow World Vocals:
Kaelyn Black
MaryKate Hargaden
Manuel Paron
Aidan Roberts
Gigi Wanamaker

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